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Why we need them!


Another example of why we need them:

-so our Commissioners and Charter Review Board members will be responsive to the PEOPLE of the Districts, not just to the MONEYED interests.  See the PEOPLE's effort to save the Celery Fields from development in 2017--there have been victories as of this video (8-19-17), but they have only come with a major struggle!  [Update 8-24-17:  After a nearly 10-hour public hearing August 23, 2017 with 81 speakers, Commissioners voted 3-2 not to allow the facility]


ABC-TV7 report on February 13, 2017--more reasons for Single Member Districts!






Legalize Democracy is a great 30-minute video showing how we got into the mess we're in, and one key thing we can do to help fix it!!   This is an eye-opening and informative glimpse of history!

And the corruption of our democracy--See any problem here??

Archived photos:

February 4, 2017 Conference on "The Corruption of Our Democracy" and Move to Amend, in Venice, FL  

(the music on this slide show is sappy,

but the conference was dynamic! - with 76 people from Venice, Sarasota, Bradenton, Port Charlotte, Ft. Myers and Naples!)

January 21, 2011 Rally Against Corporate Rule--in Sarasota

Awake Again MAY 10, 2011 Rally--in Sarasota

Fair Districts Forum at UU Congregation in Venice Aug 28, 2010